CITTIL-Cooperación de Investigación Transpirenaica en la Terapia Innovadora de la Leucemia 2009-2013

  • Investigador principal: Felipe Prosper Cardoso

  • Organismo de financiación: Programa POCTEFA y Gobierno de Navarra

  • Dotación financiera: 687.160 €


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of cancer among children and one of the most common blood cancers in adults and the elderly. Despite improvements in treating the cancer thanks to new forms of chemotherapy, a high percentage of patients (over 20% in children and over 60% in adults) suffer relapses and end up dying as a result of the disease.

Progress in the treatment of ALL depends on better knowledge of the pathogenic mechanisms of the disease and of the causes of resistance. The people taking part in the project belong to two prestigious leukemia research centers and form part of groups that are widely recognized for their research and clinical trials. CITTIL is the acronym of the project title "Trans-Pyrenees Research Cooperation on Innovative Therapy in Leukemia," which is part of the France-Spain-Andorra Operative Program for Regional Cooperation.
The idea for the project comes from the partners and arises from the need to seek mutual support, driven by factors such as the existence of similar circumstances, setbacks in the economic sector of Southeastern Europe, and the difficulty in translating the results of the research to the sector, for different reasons. The international nature of this cooperation is essential, as the needs of the groups in these regions are similar and solutions can only arise from all of them working together.

The Association is made up of two organizations located in regions in Spain and France, the Foundation for Applied Medical Research (FIMA) and the National Institute for Healthcare and Medical Research (INSERM), based in Navarre and in Toulouse, respectively. Members of both institutions have been working for several years on research to discover the mechanisms that intervene in the development of ALL. Partners FIMA and INSERM have been carrying out research to try to determine methods for developing new treatments for patients with ALL.

The fact that the technologies used in these studies by the two groups are quite different but at the same time complementary makes the project even more interesting and viable. Furthermore, the two centers also take part in treating patients with ALL, which means that whenever new mechanisms are detected in the development of ALL and new treatments are developed, they can begin clinical trials in patients. Again, this shows that this is a particularly stimulating and attractive project.

Institut National de la Santé et Recherche Médicale

"Nuestros estudios han dado lugar al desarrollo de una patente y una línea de trabajo en tipos de tumores humanos con mal pronóstico y sin una terapia eficaz", Dr. Prósper, investigador principal.


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