Selección de publicaciones

Q. Meng, I. Ochoa, M. Hernaez. GPress: a framework for querying General Feature Format (GFF) files and expression files in a compressed form, Bioinformatics, 2020.

J. Voges, T. Paridaens, F. Müntefering, L. S.Mainzer, B. Bliss, M. Yang, I. Ochoa, J. Fostier, J. Ostermann, and M. Hernaez. GABAC: an arithmetic coding solution for genomic data, Bioinformatics, 2019.

O. Gevaert,..., M. Hernaez,..., N. Pochet. Imaging-AMARETTO: a radiogenomics software tool for interpreting multi-omics networks for relevance to radiographic and histopathology imaging- derived biomarkers of clinical outcomes with application to studies of brain tumors, JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, 2020.

M. Hernaez , C. Blatti, O. Gevaert. Comparison of single gene and module-based methods for modeling gene regulatory networks, Bioinformatics, 2019.

H. Zheng, K. Brennan, M. Hernaez, O. Gevaert. Benchmark of lncRNA Quantification for RNA-Seq of Cancer Samples, GigaScience, 2019. 

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