New Molecular Targets in Cancer

Our research group has been working for years on the study of molecular alterations associated with carcinoma of the lung. This has allowed us to identify potential therapeutic targets and update the proper tools for the development of new therapies: animal models (gene therapies and by chemical induction), collections of cell lines and clinical samples, image-analysis techniques, large-scale genetic analysis techniques, etc. In order to achieve this, we work in close collaboration with the CIMA Molecular Therapies Program.

The specific objectives of this line of research are:

  1. To develop preclinical models and design high-performance analysis tools for screening and validation of molecular targets and new therapies.

  2. To identify and validate new therapeutic targets in lung cancer, especially in tumors that are negative for the most common genetic alterations and in patients who are non-smokers.

  3. To discover new molecular targets involved in lung cancer metastasis and prognostic markers related to this process.

  4. To develop new therapeutic strategies and identify new markers for adult and childhood brain tumors.

"We are carrying out research into the design of new therapies for specific molecular changes for the treatment of lung cancer and brain tumors", Dra. Jackeline Agorreta, who is in charge of the line.


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