Potentiation of Antibody-Dependent Cytotoxicity for the Treatment of Breast and Bowel Cancer

There are drugs that have objective efficacy in bowel cancer (cetuximab) and breast cancer (trastuzumab) and that work partly by activating NK lymphocytes so that they destroy cancerous cells (antibody-dependent cytotoxicity). In this project, we are exploring different therapeutic strategies that act on effector NK lymphocytes by increasing the number or making their tumor-killing functions more effective. The strategies include the infusion of molecularly optimized cytokines, the use of either inhibitory-receptor blocking antibodies or activator-receptor agonists, and cell therapy for adoptive infusion following different selection/activation techniques in cultures of NK lymphocytes. The project aims to carry out a clinical trial (in the preparation and regulatory-processing phase), which consists of the infusion of activated NK lymphocytes from a related donor (parents, children or HLA haploidentical siblings), which have been genetically selected for their NK activity. The patients will be infused with these lymphocyte cultures after receiving cytotoxic antibodies in order to potentiate their mechanism of action synergetically.

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