Combination strategies for translational immunotherapy

The objective behind the “Combined strategies for traslational immunotherapy” group is to identify and develop new immunomodulatory strategies and to study the mechanisms of action of anti-tumor immunity to exploit them in new immunotherapy combinations.

Our group faces cancer immunotherapy from an interdisciplinary and highly translational perspective using for that purpose novel experimental approaches both at the preclinical research level and in more translational approaches. The group is involved in early clinical trials in cancer immunotherapy including first in human trials of new immunomodulatory drugs. We count with the appropriate animal models, biological samples from cancer patients and a team which is expert in immunobiology and clinical immunology and oncology to answer our experimental questions from an integrative perspective.

Our activity and research lines in cancer immunotherapy are best defined by the concepts translational and reverse translational research.

We are focused in four big research lines and in their exploitation in cancer immunotherapy.

Local immunomodulation of the tumor microenvironment by intra-tumoral injection of different therapies (cell therapy, virotherapy, PAMPS, cytokines and immunomodulatory antibodies)

  • Exploitation of crosspriming specialized dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy.

  • Molecular mechanisms of immune effector activation by co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory receptors and their exploitation in cancer immunotherapy.

  • Identification of IL-8 as a major immunomodulatory factor and a biomarker in cancer patients. Study of the immune-escape mechanisms promoted by PMNs and potential therapeutic interference.

"Immunostimulant monoclonal antibodies are therapeutic tools that supply the cells of the immune system with instructions for eradicating tumors. They act by interfering with inhibitory receptors or by stimulating activator receptors.", Dr. Ignacio Melero.


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