Vaccine Development

Vaccines have been used traditionally as a preventative measure to activate an immune response to microbes and protect the body from numerous infections. In recent years, development of therapeutic vaccination strategies has become a very important field with a lot of research, clinical and business activity. Our line of vaccine research focuses on:

  • Studying the basic mechanisms of inducing an immune response.

  • Developing new vaccination strategies in tumor diseases and chronic infections.

  • Carrying out clinical trials in vaccination.

Our research group has over 20 years of experience studying mechanisms for inducing immune responses. Pioneering studies allowed us to understand the elements necessary for activating cellular and humoral responses. With this information, we develop subunit vaccines (peptides and proteins) and use different viral vectors that have been tested as possible antiviral vaccines in trials. Along with this set of tools, we have launched strategies based on the combination of new immunopotentiators (antibodies, cytokines, peptides, etc.). In addition, we have developed vaccination strategies based on the administration of dendritic cells that continue to be applied in clinical trials.

Our group has acquired a great deal of experience in the characterization of immune responses in chronic infections and certain types of cancer, which has enabled the implementation of clinical vaccination trials in patients with these diseases. As a result of this line of work, we have generated a series of patents on molecules and vaccination strategies that have led to collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and the creation of new biotechnology businesses such as Formune and Hepacyl.

"We have developed vaccination strategies that are being evaluated in clinical trials and have given rise to the creation of spin-off companie", Dr. Juan José Lasarte.


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