Immunology and Immunotherapy

Modulation of the immune system is revolutionizing the fight against cancer and infectious diseases. Recent advances reveal that an individual's immune system may be activated to eliminate tumor cells and prolong the lives of patients. The immunologists at CIMA, in conjunction with experts at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, are involved in the translational development of new therapeutic tools for the treatment of different types of cancer and infectious diseases. The availability of production facilities for therapeutic grade cells and the development and production of gene therapy vectors may give us a leading role both nationally and internationally in optimizing strategies in the clinical development phase and generating new immune therapy strategies that can be offered to patients.

Our team has developed very promising immunomodulating molecules and vaccination strategies that have generated intellectual property and led to the realization of clinical trials. In cooperation with the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, we are working on clinical trials of biomolecules with excellent results in the registry phase.


The Immunology and Immunotherapy Program's development objectives are the following:

  1. Therapeutic vaccines against different types of cancer, infectious diseases and other pathologies.

  2. Immunomodulation strategies and generation of molecules with immunotherapeutic potential.

  3. Cell therapy strategies adopted for the treatment of different pathologies.

In addition, our group provides support to CIMA programs and is part of the Immunology and Gene Therapy group which, along with the clinical departments, promotes the development of specific reagents for immune monitoring and the design of immunotherapies in different diseases.



"Our team has developed highly promising immune-regulating molecules and vaccination strategies that are being evaluated in clinical trials", Dr. Juan José Lasarte, Program Director.


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