Interdisciplinary programs

Inmunología e inmunología. CIMA

Immunology and Immunotherapy

Application of the modulation of the immune system for the treatment of different types of cancers and infectious diseases.

Terapia génica y regulación de la expresión génica. CIMA

Gene Therapy and Regulation of Gene Expression

Development of new forms of treatment and new therapeutic targets for diseases for which no satisfactory therapy exists. Its areas of research have a clearly translational orientation, based on knowledge of the molecular bases of the development of the diseases.

Terapia celular. CIMA

Regenerative Medicine

Study of the mechanisms involved in stem-cell biology and their therapeutic application in cardiovascular, autoimmune and rare diseases.

Terapias moleculares. CIMA

Molecular Therapies

Interdisciplinary platform aimed at the search for molecules with a high therapeutic potential for the different CIMA research programs.