• Two-dimensional and one-dimensional electrophoresis equipment.

  • DIGE platform.

  • Image digitization systems.

  • Bioinformatics tools for image analysis.

  • Robot digester with a capacity for 192 samples.

  • Ettan micro LC chromatography system.

  • Q TOF Micro (nanoLC/ESI/MS/MS) mass spectrometer.

  • Qtrap5500 (nanoLC/ESI/MS/MS) mass spectrometer.

  • Qtrap4000 (microLC/ESI/MS/MS) mass spectrometer.

  • Bioinformatics tools for mass spectrometry data processing and identification of proteins: Analyst, MRMpilot, MassLynx and ProteinLynx.

  • Applications for the interpretation of data derived from high-performance experiments: ProteinPilot, MultiQuant, Mascot, Phenyx, Peaks and Decyder MS.

"Our facility has the necessary goal of technological innovation, which is achieved in the context of national and international projects", Dr. Fernando Corrales, Platform Director.

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