Proteomics and Bioinformatics

We currently have a technological platform for large-scale analysis of proteomes by two-dimensional electrophoresis, DIGE, capillary chromatography and MALDI TOF and ESI/MS/MS mass spectrometry. 


We are able to meet researchers' needs in terms of:

  • Consultancy on carrying out research in proteomics.

  • Carrying out one-dimensional and two-dimensional gels for Coomassie, Sypro Ruby and Western Blot stains. 

  • Comparative analyses of proteomes based on two-dimensional electrophoresis with DIGE technology.

  • Treatment of protein samples: precipitation and digestion. 

  • Identification of proteins.

  • Study of moderately and highly complex protein mixtures. 

  • Identification of some post-translational modifications (ESI/MS/MS) such as phosphorylations, methylations and acetylations.

  • Characterization of biomolecules (peptides, carbohydrates, bile acids, etc.) by mass spectrometry. 

  • Characterization of the molecular mass of proteins.

  • Quantitative analyses of complex proteomes through iTRAQ labeling.

  • ·  Quantification of proteins by MRM. 

  • ·  Identification of proteins for the diagnosis of amyloidosis.

  • ·  Quantification of metabolites by MRM: adenosine nucleotides (ATP, ADP, AMP) and polyamines (spermidine, spermine and putrescine), SAM, SAH, MTA.

  • Furthermore, practical training courses recognized by the National Institute of Proteomics (ProteoRed-ISCIII), the Spanish Proteomics Society (SEProt) and the Spanish Society for Biochemistry (SEBBM) are organized periodically.

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ESTÁS VIENDO: Investigacion 13/05/2016

What cromosome are you?

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"Our facility has the necessary goal of technological innovation, which is achieved in the context of national and international projects", Dr. Fernando Corrales, Platform Director.

More information:


Cristina López
Avda. Pío XII, 55
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(+34) 948 194 700 Ext. 6021


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