The Imaging Platform provides CIMA with microscopy, non-invasive image acquisition in laboratory animals and quantitative image analysis services. More specifically, support and/or access to equipment is available in the following areas:

  1. Confocal laser microscopy and associated techniques (FRAP, FLIM, FRET, etc.)

  2. Multidimensional in vivo time-lapse microscopy

  3. Conventional automated microscopy

  4. High-resolution X-ray computed axial tomography (microCT)

  5. High-resolution ultrasound imaging

  6. Image analysis techniques

The platform also contributes to the development of research projects in image analysis and scientific visualization techniques applied to CIMA's priority interest areas.

Fecha de actualización: Febrero 2019


"Our platform provides a multidimensional microscopy service and noninvasive imaging in laboratory animals. In addition, it also provides a quantitative image analysis service for the available types of image", Dr. Carlos Ortiz de Solórzano, Platform Director.


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