Reservation of FACSAria Cell Separator

The service will assign the requested time slots based on the availability of the equipment and the waiting list of users.

The request form is not only used to reserve the FACSAria, but also collects essential information so the Flow Cytometry Service can design the most appropriate separation strategy.

The hours of use of the equipment and service rendering will be invoiced at the rates listed.

Cancellation of reservations should be done at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible.

Sample preparation should be carried out by the user, who should bring the samples prepared and ready for analysis and/or separation. In the technologies section, you will find some advice and indications for proper sample preparation.

In the days prior to the time slot reserved for cell separation, it is very important for the Flow Cytometry Service to receive the proper controls and a test sample, so that the service can make the experiment calibrations and template, and can test the proposed separation strategy.

The images resulting from the separation work will be exported as FCS files so the user can analyze them on the computers available.

"The use of flow cytometry has become widespread in different fields of medicine (hematology, solid tumors, and immunology), cell biology, and cell separation for subsequent genomic and functional studies", Dr. Bruno Paiva, Platform Director.

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