Collection registry at the University of Navarra

The University has also put the Biobank in charge of the internal collection registry of samples stored outside the organizational scope of the Biobank itself. In accordance with the current legal framework, the University has defined three types of storage of human samples for their use in research. Those in charge of collections and samples stored outside the organizational scope of the Biobank must declare them to the University through the Biobank (Article 28, RD 1716 of November 18, 2011). For this purpose, the corresponding registry form must be filled out: Declaration of collections or Declaration of project samples or Declaration of samples collected in the framework of a clinical trial.


The Internal Regulation of the Biobank Operations summarizes the key principles and standards of practice for the service.

For technical information about the daily operation of the Biobank, users can consult the document Basic Procedures of the Biobank on the intranet.

Repository of samples and collections. The inclusion of samples held at the University of Navarra's Biobank is documented through a Repository Registry signed by the Biobank and the coordinator or sponsor of the collection. For the inclusion of samples collected at institutions outside the University, an Agreement for the Transfer of Material must be signed between the source institution and the University of Navarra.

Request for samples. Any researcher who has a project approved by an Ethics Committee may request samples from the Biobank. To do so, fill out the Request Form and submit it with the favorable report from the Ethics Committee and any other relevant documentation by email or regular mail.
Biobanco UN. Ed. CIMA. Av. Pio XII 55, 31008. Pamplona.

To donate. You may do so through your doctor if you receive care at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra or by contacting the Biobank by telephone or email.


"The by a bank collects, stores and processes human biological samples for research", Dr. Maria Antonia Fortuño, Platform Director.


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