The University of Navarra's Biobank (biological sample bank) is a research service unit that manages the procurement and use of human biological samples and associated data for biomedical research purposes within the legal framework regulating biobanks. It has its own procedures to guarantee the ethical and technical quality of its activities and their performance in accordance with the established legal framework. Its mission is to promote the maximum use of the biological samples it collects in the execution of cutting-edge science projects and to support researchers in the management of samples and associated data. The Biobank is authorized to perform its functions and is included in the Carlos III Health Institute's National Registry of Biobanks.

Its facilities are located in laboratories B.06 and B.08 on the ground floor of the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) and in storage facilities located in other buildings at the University.

According to the Biobank's organizational chart, the University of Navarra is the bank's owner and file manager. The bank also has two external committees to evaluate procedures and sample requests: the University's Ethics Committee and the Scientific Committee, constituted specifically for the Biobank. Other direct participants in the activities of the Biobank include: a group of professionals who provide support to the Biobank and agree on the bank's goals and procedures with the scientific director; the technical personnel who handle the samples; doctors and medical personnel from the Clínica Universidad de Navarra who help recruit donors; and staff members in IT and data filing and protection for the management of associated information.

Four basic principles underwrite the activity of the Biobank:

  • Respect for the rights of the donor.

  • Compliance with the current legal framework.

  • Quality assurance of samples and data.

  • Maximum use of material.

The Biobank joined the National Network of Biobanks sponsored by Carlos III Health Institute in 2009, and is part of the National Platform of Biobanks, created in 2013 and is funded by the Carlos III Health Institute.


"The by a bank collects, stores and processes human biological samples for research", Dr. Maria Antonia Fortuño, Platform Director.


Banco de Muestras Biológicas
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