MicroPET. Services

Radioactive tracers. Application:

  • 18F-FDG Carbohydrate metabolism, tumor activity; marking cells for early cell recruitment studies.
  • 11C-Choline Synthesis of phospholipids, tumor activity.
  • 11C-Methionine Transport of amino acids, tumor activity.
  • 13N-ammonia Blood perfusion.
  • 18F-FHBG In vivo gene expression.
  • 11C-DTBZ Vesicular transporter of VMAT2 monoamines (dopaminergic innervation).
  • 18F-DOPA Dopamine metabolism (dopaminergic innervation).
  • 11C-Flumazenil GABAergic receptors.
  • 18F-Fluoride Bone metabolism.
  • 11C-Acetate ß-oxidation metabolism.


Quantitative digital autoradiography services (biodistribution of compounds marked with positron emitters, gamma emitters or ß-emitters).



  • MicroPET unit (Mosaic, Philips) for the study of small animals (mouse, rat, monkey).
  • Quantitative digital autoradiography unit (BAS 5000, Fujifilm).
  • Whole-body cryostat (Bright 8250)
  • Inhaled isoflurane anesthesia units
  • Biosafety chamber
  • Negative-pressure stapling area with ventilated rack (HEPA filters) for animals.

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