Cell Therapy: centralized Clinical Trial Unit

  • Accredited GMP facility for production of more than 10 different products (6 different INDs) with trained personnel (cell therapy and gene therapy).

  • In house centralized Clinical Trial Unit with experience in Phase I trials.

  • Quality control/Quality assurance system developed in house that controls: infrastructure, personnel, registries, equipment, process control, control of primary supplies, traceability, record of events, quality monitoring. System accredited and approve by the Spanish Agency of Medical Products.  

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all processes performed under GMP conditions.

  • Large animal facility for both murine and large animal models allowing preclinical studies to test cell therapies.

  • Approaches:

    • Clinical Trials with Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) and other cell therapy products.

    • Clinical Trials with dendritic cells (DC) vaccines

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Cell lines & animal models

Cell lines

  • Isolation and cell culture of various types of liver cells: hepatocytes, stellate cells, macrophages, endothelial cells.  

  • B‐cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B‐CLL): human cell lines recapitulate the phenotypical, histopathologicaland molecular features of the transformation of B‐CLL to chemotherapeutic resistant RS.

Animal models

  • Murine models

    • Model of liver transplantation (rat and mice)

    • Generation of chimeric mice with humanized liver

    • A murine model of mucosa‐associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma

  • Other animal models (Ref. Dr. Lanciego)

    • Models of bilateral Parkinsonism after MPTP chronic administration.

    • Histopathological analysis of brain tissue sections (conventional immunohistochemistry and confocal immunofluorescence).

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Biobank‐integrated samples and data are available for any research project approved by an ethics committee (Integrated Collections).

Addittionally, there are a number of historic human samples collections that could be used in the context of a scientific collaboration or under specific transfer condition (Associate Collections).

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Differential technologies

List of different technologies:

  • Aptamers
  • MicroPET
  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • Imaging Unit
  • Neurophysiology

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