Companies and Foundations

  • One-Time or Repeat Contributions

    Many people help out by making one-time or regular contributions. All contributions, no matter how small, are essential to the continuity of the CIMA project, whose aim is to prevent, treat and find solutions to the diseases with no cure that our research projects focus on.
    More information: amigoscima@unav.es

  • Sponsor a Researcher

    Your company or foundation can fund a scientist's research (postdoctoral scholarship, €30,000/year) or the training of the future researcher (pre-doctoral scholarship, €15,000/year) on the disease or project of your choice. This grant can also bear the name of your company or foundation. You can also help organize and disseminate information on this grant program.

    More information: amigoscima@unav.es


  • Solidarity Products

    Your company can contribute through its products or services by allocating a small percentage of your sales margin to research on any of the diseases we study at CIMA. In this way, you can involve your customers and make your company's corporate social responsibility part of your sales strategy. The companies that collaborate with us have enjoyed extraordinary experiences. CIMA collaborates by promoting these products with all our resources and the support of associations of families of patients.

    More information: amigoscima@unav.es

  • Advertising and Sponsorship

    A highly effective way of collaborating is to sponsor CIMA events or activities in support of progress in biomedical research. This form of contribution also helps companies advertise their brand and link it to the support of scientific talent and innovation. Interested companies can support any of the many activities regularly organized:

    • Benefit concerts.

    • Science and health talks on diseases aimed at the general public.

    • Benefit dinners.

    • Sporting events.

    • Other initiatives of interest.

    More information:  amigoscima@unav.es

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