Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Lymphoproliferative syndromes are characterized by clonal expansion and accumulation in the body of transformed cells from the lymphoid line. These neoplastic processes are highly heterogeneous and can lead to different cell types that include hematopoietic progenitors and lymphoid precursors in bone marrow to mature lymphocytes in lymphoid tissues.
Our group uses a multidisciplinary approach to study these lymphoproliferative syndromes, with special attention to the B line, through integration and close collaboration between basic and clinical researchers at CIMA and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. In order to achieve this, we work on generating and characterizing experimental models, primarily using genetically modified mice that develop leukemias and lymphomas that are analogous to human pathology. The final objective is to apply the advances in knowledge of the basic biology of these diseases to the development of targeted therapies that are personalized for each patient.

Our main objectives are the following:

  1. To develop new drugs that modulate the anion exchange mechanism and which can potentiate the anti-tumor immune response in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders. 

  2. To determine the oncogenic role of the proteins FOXP1 and AID in the development of human and murine lymphomas, and to develop new drugs that inhibit their abnormal function.

  3. To generate and characterize genetically modified mice that can develop B-cell lymphoma or multiple myeloma analogous to the human disease in order to study the mechanisms of tumor transformation and evaluate new therapies in vivo.

  4. To identify mechanisms of resistance to new selective drugs in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders, and develop new effective treatment alternatives.

"We develop molecules and therapeutic strategies, particularly in leukemia and B-cell lymphoma that do not have a satisfactory treatment" , Dr. José A. Martínez Climent,Principal Investigator.


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