Regenerative Cardiovascular Medicine

Our interest centers on understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms that regulate differentiation and self-renewal of adult stem and pluripotent cells and cardiovascular progenitors. We study the differentiation potential of these cells towards cardiovascular lineages (cardiomyocytes, smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells), as well as their contribution to cardiovascular regeneration in animal ischemia models and cardiac diseases in rats and pigs.

Another of our laboratory's primary objectives is combining cell therapy with bioengineering, nanotechnology and gene therapy in order to increase the potential of stem cells. Specifically, we are developing new strategies for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular pathology based on the implantation of viral and nanoparticle systems.

"New treatment strategies are being developed that are aimed at patients with cardiovascular disease and are based on implanting viral and nanoparticle systems", Dra. Beatriz Pelacho, Principal Investigator.

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