Below are some examples of techniques available with Micro-CT:

  • Thresholding with apnea: Mouse scan with no pathology using the thresholding technique with apnea. [Image]

  • Intestinal contrast: Mouse scan with oral contrast agent and segmentation of the digestive tract. [Image]

  • Rat hepatocellular carcinoma: Axial section of rat hepatocellular carcinoma which contrasts on the liver tissue (lighter) with hepatobiliary contrast agents. [Image]

  • 3D reconstruction of bones 1: Three-dimensional reconstruction of mouse tibia and femur and sagittal section of the femur. [Image]

  • 3D reconstruction of bones 2: Three-dimensional reconstruction of rat thorax: lung and bones. Sagittal view. [Image]

  • 3D reconstruction of liver area: Three-dimensional reconstruction of rat liver area: bones, liver with tumor and spleen. [Image]