Purification, Quantification and Characterization of Nucleic Acids

Purification of nucleic acids is performed using two semiautomatic systems that make is possible to isolate total RNA and genomic DNA from a large variety of samples: blood, cells, oral swabs, saliva, etc. Both platforms automate the process using magnetic particles that provide a high level of purity and control of potential contamination.

The quantification service uses fluorometry (Qubit), which uses fluorescent probes to specifically quantify samples of DNA, RNA or proteins. The following kits are available, depending on the type of sample and concentration.

The quality and integrity of the nucleic acids is determined using Agilent 2100 and BioRad Experion bioanalyzers. We have the following chips for quantifying low-concentration DNA fragments, NGS libraries and total RNA.

"Genomics is the analysis of genomes. This science facilitates the identification and understanding of the forms of organization and function of genes. Genomic medicine thus offers new systems for diagnosis, specific response to drugs and the design of new drugs", Lourdes Ortiz, Platform Director.

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