Acknowledgments in Publications

All the work carried out in the support facilities must be acknowledged in all publications, whether academic studies, presentations, posters or articles. This is because acknowledgment of the facility contributes to its visibility and to the measure of the impact it can have on scientific activity.
Provided a facility has performed an important service to a research project: microarrays, generation and mass sequencing of libraries, Sanger sequencing, and identification of cell lines.

Extraction of nucleic acids, bioanalyzers, and quantification using fluorometry and spectrophotometry shall be cited based on the researcher's criteria.

In order to unify criteria, the facility should always be cited as follows: Genomics Core Facility at CIMA, University of Navarra. When the study has been published, we would appreciate receiving a copy via email at

"Genomics is the analysis of genomes. This science facilitates the identification and understanding of the forms of organization and function of genes. Genomic medicine thus offers new systems for diagnosis, specific response to drugs and the design of new drugs", Lourdes Ortiz, Platform Director.

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