Genomics is one of the areas of biology that has advanced exponentially in recent decades. Using knowledge from fields as diverse as genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, information technology and statistics, it aims to study the genetic information contained in cells, the expression or suppression of this information, and the mechanisms that regulate it.

The CIMA genomics facility was set up in 2007 to provide internal support in differential gene-expression and genotyping studies to the CIMA and University of Navarra research teams. Since 2011, it has also provided a state-of-the-art sequencing service, Next Generation Sequencing, and traditional techniques such as the following: Purification, quantification and characterization of nucleic acids, capillary sequencing and identification of human cell lines using STR profiling.

The service is currently open to all groups, research centers, hospitals and diagnostic or biotechnology centers that require support to develop their projects with a high degree of specialization.

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