The services offered by this unit include the following:

  • Cell separation in the FACSAria IIu cytometer.

  • Personalized training in the operation of the FACSCanto cytometer.

  • Assistance with experimental design and data analysis.

  • Conducting advanced immunophenotypic studies and data analysis.

  • Advice on the preparation of samples.

  • Maintenance of the FACSAria and FACSCanto cytometers.

  • Identification and resolution of problems associated with flow cytometry.

"The use of flow cytometry has become widespread in different fields of medicine (hematology, solid tumors, and immunology), cell biology, and cell separation for subsequent genomic and functional studies", Dr. Bruno Paiva, Platform Director.

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Marisol Ripa
Avda. Pío XII, 55
31008 Pamplona

(+34) 948 194 700 Ext. 1010