Advice and Rules

For the work to be carried out in the most efficient and reliable way possible, good communication between the cytometry facility and the researcher is essential.

To this end, the flow cytometry facility offers researchers some important recommendations on preparing samples, and some standard protocols.

Researchers should provide the facility's personnel with as much information as possible on the cell type to be separated, so that the facility operators can choose the most appropriate conditions for the separation (nozzle size, flow pressure, sample concentration, etc.).

• If you wish to use the facility for cell separation using the FACSAria IIu cytometer, you must book a time at least 7 days in advance. To do this, you must complete the corresponding request form and send it to the email address
• In order to use the FACSCanto cytometer, you must be familiar with the general usage guidelines and have been instructed on how to use it.

• It is not permitted to upload new programs without the prior consent of the UCF person in charge.
• It is not permitted to perform analyses after acquiring the data on the facility's computers. To this end, two licenses for the FACSDiva program have been made available, which will be provided to the users by the cytometry facility.
• It is not permitted to use USB or similar devices to export or import data. The acquired data will be exported to the department's virtual hard disk and, temporarily, to the virtual hard disk of the SCF.
• The images are stored on the hard disks of the machines temporarily and will be systematically deleted every six months.

"The use of flow cytometry has become widespread in different fields of medicine (hematology, solid tumors, and immunology), cell biology, and cell separation for subsequent genomic and functional studies", Dr. Bruno Paiva, Platform Director.

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