Genómica. CIMA


Genomic medicine offers new systems for diagnosis, specific response to drugs and the design of new drugs.

Proteómica. CIMA


This field integrates scientific information in a format that is of use for creating new concepts in biology, identifying new diagnostic and therapeutic targets, and determining the mechanism of action of drugs.

Bioinformática. CIMA


The Bioinformatics Service provides complete support in the development of any experiment studying DNA or RNA on a mass scale, in humans and other organisms.

Imagen. CIMA


This service provides comprehensive support to non-invasive imaging and quantitative image-analysis laboratories by means of advanced multidimensional image-processing techniques.

Citometría. CIMA


The Cytometry Service uses immunophenotypic techniques that make it possible to determine the characteristics of particles or cells in suspension that pass individually through laser light.

Biobanco. CIMA


The Biobank manages the acquisition and use of human biological samples and their associated data for purposes of biomedical research.

Producción y experimentación animal. CIMA

Animal Production and Experimentation

This service provides support to all biomedical research projects at the University of Navarra, CIMA and Clínica Universidad de Navarra that require the use of experimental animals.